So, what's my story?

I’m Stephanie, a book nerd, wife, and mom of two looking for a lifestyle that provides freedom and a steady income.

After working for years in medical insurance administration (I know, sounds exciting, right?) I decided that enough was enough. I realized I needed to spend my life doing more living and less working. I was looking for a freedom lifestyle that included doing things differently, earning more while doing less, and having more time to accomplish the things that were important to me.

My goal is to be more available for my family (and myself!) while receiving an income that still pays the bills. I want to continue to explore the world and what it has to offer while not stressing about finances.

So I took the risk! I'd seen a lot about affiliate marketing on Pinterest and Instagram but wasn’t too sure of what it was! It wasn't until I came across The Freedom Formula by Jade & Kev that I realized what it all meant.

With the assistance of Jade and Kev, as well as the fantastic Freedom Community, I was able to take the first step towards my much desired (and much needed) lifestyle.

Wanna join me?

Freedom Affiliate Launch

A combination education and revenue stream that will enable you to build a digital affiliate income (which includes time and location independence), even if you are brand new to the online world!

Discover Freedom

Learn the digital abilities that will enable you to work from anywhere, at any time. Enjoy time, location, and financial flexibility.

Earn Income Online

I'll show you can make money online even if you don't have your own product or service.

Take Back Your Life

Ready to create your life with purpose? You'll learn the foundations and systems required to make it happen.